­What is MOPA?

MOPA- Master Oscillator Power Amplifier is a device that produces output power by amplifying the output beam of master oscillator by maintaining its main properties.

Advantages of MOPA Laser

In Q- switched lasers the pulse parameters such as pulse duration, pulse frequency pulse energy, etc. cannot be varied. Here, in MOPA laser parameters can be adjusted independently of one another, results in high flexibility. In MOPA pulse duration can be varied between 4 to 200ns. Pulse frequency can be varied from 1.6 kHz and 1 MHz for a MOPA laser.

Control over energy makes it more suitable for marking/etching on materials like plastic, which results in controlled melting and less foaming with plastics. Less heat generation while markings on metal leads to a better corrosion behavior. Other advantages are maintenance-free operation, economic price and long life.

Typical Applications

MOPA lasers are widely used in defense and industrial applications. It is best suited for laser marking in metals and plastic materials. It can create a wide range of reproducible colors without damaging the surface. 

It is used to mark or engrave on a wider range of surface like:

  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Titanium
  • Brass and copper
  • Painted materials
  • ABS plastic
  • Carbide

Seed Laser

Seed laser is a laser which output is either connected to an amplifier or another laser (slave laser). Seed laser in combination with an amplifier forms MOPA (Master Oscillator Power Amplifier). MOPA produces high power laser with specifications such as narrow linewidth, a wide wavelength tuning range and the generation of ultrashort pulses, which are not possible with single high power laser.

Seed laser can also be used in another configuration with output connected to another laser. This technique is known as injection seeding, which results in narrowband output with emitted frequency exactly matches the seed laser output.